Swim Training #2 – ~850m

This morning I was pleased to get up and make it to Leytonstone Leisure centre, only 5 minutes after my expected start time after being too tempted to hit the snooze button.

16 minutes, 51 seconds swim time.
Distance 850m

I did 8 lengths without any fins on and focusing on head position and stroke technique. I felt comfortable in the pool, but even in the medium lane I’ve started catching up with others in the pool. This is a massive surprise to me, and I’m not used to stroking peoples feet!

Not quite having the confidence to jump into the fast lane, I put on my flippers first and focused mostly on my breathing and arm strokes. I was able to temper my kicking to keep myself short of the fast swimmers in front of me. I recently got gifted some FORM goggles, so used these to try and see whether my head position was in a better place.

I came out the pool feeling happy; breathing better, and I swallowed far less air that I’ve done in ages. I could even start enjoying it!